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30 Jul, 2018
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APRIL, 26, MILWAUKEE, WI – Wisconsin working people are proud to support Ironworker Randy Bryce for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. As a union ironworker for 20 years, Randy Bryce knows that everyone who works hard deserves a fair shot at the American Dream.

“Randy Bryce will fight for working class issues like creating good Wisconsin jobs, building a better economy and protecting the freedom to collectively bargain with your employer for a fair wage, a safe workplace and a work-life balance,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  “The hardworking men and women of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO are proud to support Randy Bryce because he stands ready to prioritize America’s middle class and unrig our economy.”

“The labor movement is ready to work to get Randy Bryce in Congress so he can lead on behalf of working people and protect our bedrock values like Social Security, the absolute right to join together in a union, and the ability to get paid time off to care for our loved ones,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. “For far too long politicians have been rigging the rules against everyday Americans in order to benefit Wall Street and corporate campaign donors. Union Ironworker Randy Bryce will work to re-write the rules of our economy to better support working families and help us all prosper.”

Getting Wisconsin’s economy back on the right track depends on strong investments in our middle class, in our neighborhoods, in affordable health care, in updating our infrastructure, and creating good jobs by raising wages and supporting the freedom of workers to stand together in union to negotiate a better work life.

The labor movement represents members across all segments of the community and will lead in the fight to save Social Security, Medicare, reduce outsourcing and protect workplace safety like no other organization can. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO only supports political candidates that can advance the goals and shared values of working people to help create a better America for the next generation.