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Vote Early in the Spring Election

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Early voting is underway in the Wisconsin Spring Election and will continue until March 31 in some areas.

Enter your home address here to find early vote times and locations.

The upcoming Spring Election on April 2 is a chance to vote for pro-worker candidates in key roles in our cities, villages and towns and on our local courts and school boards. There will be two important election-related constitutional amendments on the ballot in the form of statewide referendum questions (Question 1 and Question 2). Local labor councils have made endorsements in races across the state and the Wisconsin AFL-CIO is encouraging union members and all voters to vote ‘NO’ on both statewide referendum questions.  

Click here to view a list of union-approved candidates on the ballot April 2.

Preview what will be on your ballot here.

Union members are getting out the vote. Click here to volunteer with our union member to union member campaign to mobilize voters for our union-approved candidates.  

As union workers, we know democracy is strongest when we use our power and vote. The labor movement is supporting candidates who support our rights and will work to protect democracy and support working people and our unions so that we can have strong communities for all.