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Tony Evers for Governor

29 Aug, 2018
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We are pleased to announce the Wisconsin AFL-CIO endorsement of Tony Evers for the next Governor of Wisconsin. The labor movement is united to defeat Scott Walker and put Wisconsin back on the right track.

Scott Walker's union-busting attacks on worker rights and cuts to schools and essential services has left Wisconsin’s economy failing.

From teaching science in Baraboo to serving as statewide Superintendent of Wisconsin schools, Tony Evers has dedicated his life to ensuring Wisconsin kids get the best education possible. Tony Evers knows that unions are critical to the well-being of families in our state, providing living wages, quality health care, safe working conditions and job security. As governor, he will work hard to reverse the effects of Scott Walker's anti-labor agenda.

Now, it is time to come together and support Tony Evers. Mark your calendars for Election Day on Tuesday, November 6.