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One Week

01 Nov, 2022
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We are one week away from the 2022 midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8. On the ballot are the biggest issues working families care about: good jobs, a strong economy, retirement security, and the ability to live the American Dream.

We are supporting pro-worker candidates up and down the ballot who will support our rights as working people. Candidates like Tony Evers for Governor and Mandela Barnes for US Senate will focus on good job creation and a strong economic recovery. They will fight to advance collective bargaining and union rights so every worker can have economic opportunity and our state and country can have a strong middle class.


Every day until polls close on November 8 union members in Wisconsin will be working to turn out the union vote, making phone calls and knocking on union members’ doors to mobilize workers to the polls.

Join our Get out the Vote mobilization program at


If you are in the Milwaukee area, join us for a special GOTV rally with Mandela Barnes and the United Steelworkers on Thursday, November 3 at 3:00 pm at the Ironworkers Hall 12034 W Adler Lane Milwaukee.

Do you have a plan to cast your ballot?

✔️In-person early voting is available in Wisconsin until possibly November 6. Check with your local municipal clerk for early voting hours and locations.

✔️Return absentee mail ballots ASAP.

✔️Double check your polling place and what is on your ballot at

✔️Review WI AFL-CIO endorsed candidates and get involved with our Labor 2022 program at