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Noble Knight Games Workers in Madison Win Voluntary Union Recognition

06 Dec, 2022
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Congratulations to Noble Knight Games United members (CWA) in Madison who have stood together, organized, and achieved voluntary union recognition from their employer. Together in union, game workers and management at Noble Knight Games can collectively address the needs of workers and customers in order to best serve the public. Workers are looking forward to collaborative, good faith bargaining as they work towards a first union contact. 

A supermajority of workers at Noble Knight Games signed union authorization cards in October, and after several weeks of discussion with management, the table-top game company agreed to voluntarily recognize their workers’ union. The employees at the Fitchburg company are now officially organized with the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

New union members celebrated their win on Thursday: “Noble Knight Games has done what 95% of privately-owned companies fail to do: they have voluntarily recognized their workers’ union!” They credited their employer for respecting the will of its employees and agreeing to move forward in good faith.

Wisconsin workers continue to say ‘union yes’ in the gaming industry and other sectors as a historic wave of union organizing sweeps our nation. It is only through workers coming together with strong unions and sitting down at the collective bargaining table with management that we harness the power to make change and create a more equitable future for all.

Across Wisconsin and across America, a new wave of union activism is taking hold as workers deploy the power of solidarity. Congratulations to Noble Knight Games United members on being a part of this historic moment!