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Historic nursing home staffing rule

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is considering a historic new rule that would establish a minimum staffing standard in nursing homes for the first time.

Unfortunately, the nursing home industry is spending big to prevent this rule from being finalized. That’s why HHS needs to hear from you.

Will you take a moment to submit a comment to HHS before the Nov. 6 deadline?

Just about everyone in America has a loved one in a nursing home, knows someone who works in a nursing home or recognizes that they may need nursing home care in the future—even if just temporarily.

Care work done in nursing homes is incredibly important and difficult work—work that is more often done by women and people of color. We cannot let monied interests stand in the way of advocating for care workers and the people they care for.

It’s easy to submit a comment. Just fill out this form.

Thank you for standing up for the health, safety and dignity of all Americans.