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Governor Evers Uses Veto Pen to Protect Democracy, Voices of Voters

18 Nov, 2021
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Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale released the following statement following Governor Evers’ veto of Republican-drawn election maps:

"Rigging our political system with unjust, immoral and antidemocratic maps cannot continue to stand in Wisconsin. We thank Governor Tony Evers for using his veto pen to stand up for democracy, fight for fair maps, and protect the voices of voters in our electoral system.

Our American values of democracy tell us voters deserve an electoral process where voters pick their representatives rather than politicians picking their voters. Voters deserve the freedom to hold politicians accountable for their actions which cannot be done with the extreme partisan gerrymandering put forth by Wisconsin Republicans.

Wisconsin voters deserve the freedom of fair representation with nonpartisan redistricting. Faith in our democracy depends on it."