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2020 Spring Election Union Endorsements

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On April 7, 2020, hundreds of local and municipal seats, many important referendums, and a statewide seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court are up for election. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has endorsed Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Local labor councils have made endorsements around the state.

View our list of union-approved candidates on the ballot this spring below.

Spring Elections are a vital building block to restoring worker power in Wisconsin. Vote Tuesday, April 7, and help us elect union-approved candidates up and down the ballot.

For information on absentee and in-person early voting download the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Early Voter Guide at

To join in our voter outreach efforts, visit

*indicates candidate is a union member


Office DistrictCandidate  
Wisconsin Supreme CourtStatewideJillKarofsky
Milwaukee Public School Referendum City of Milwaukee ReferendumSupport  
MayorCity of MilwaukeeTom Barrett
City Attorney City of MilwaukeeTearmanSpencer
City TreasurerCity of MilwaukeeSpencerCoggs
Milwaukee Alderperson2Chevy Johnson
Milwaukee Alderperson3NikKovac
Milwaukee Alderperson4Bob Bauman
Milwaukee Alderperson5Nikiya Dodd
Milwaukee Alderperson8JustinBielinski
Milwaukee Alderperson10MichaelMurphy
Milwaukee Alderperson11PeterBurgelis
Milwaukee Alderperson13ScottSpiker
Milwaukee Alderperson14Marina Dimitrijevic
Milwaukee County Executive  Chris Larson
Milwaukee County Board1Liz Sumner
Milwaukee County Board2SequannaTaylor
Milwaukee County Board4Ryan Clancy
Milwaukee County Board5Marcelia Nicholson
Milwaukee County Board6Shawn Rolland 
Milwaukee County Board7Felesia Martin
Milwaukee County Board8Steven Shea
Milwaukee County Board10Supreme Moore Omokunde
Milwaukee County Board11Andrew Moriarity
Milwaukee County Board12Sylvia Ortiz-Velez
Milwaukee County Board13Willie Johnson
Milwaukee County Board14JasonHaas
Milwaukee County Board16John Weishan
Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride
Circuit Court Branch 29Rebecca Keifer
Circuit CourtBranch 5Brett Bloom
Dane County Board of Supervisors1Elizabeth Doyle  
Dane County Board of Supervisors2Heidi M. Wegleitner*  
Dane County Board of Supervisors3Analiese Eicher  
Dane County Board of Supervisors4Richard Kilmer  
Dane County Board of Supervisors5Elena Haasl
Dane County Board of Supervisors6Yogesh Chawla  
Dane County Board of Supervisors7Matt Veldran  
Dane County Board of Supervisors8Carousel Andrea Bayrd  
Dane County Board of Supervisors9AlexJoers
Dane County Board of Supervisors10Jeremy Levin  
Dane County Board of Supervisors12Paul Rusk  
Dane County Board of Supervisors13Chuck Erickson  
Dane County Board of Supervisors14AnthonyGray
Dane County Board of Supervisors15Steven Peters  
Dane County Board of Supervisors16BlaireAdkins
Dane County Board of Supervisors17Kristen Audet  
Dane County Board of Supervisors18Michele Ritt*  
Dane County Board of Supervisors19Teran Peterson
Dane County Board of Supervisors20Julie Schwellenbach  
Dane County Board of Supervisors21Andrew Schauer  
Dane County Board of Supervisors22Maureen McCarville  
Dane County Board of Supervisors23Shelia Stubbs  
Dane County Board of Supervisors24SarahSmith 
Dane County Board of Supervisors25Tim Kiefer  
Dane County Board of Supervisors26Holly Hatcher*
Dane County Board of Supervisors27Dorothy Krause  
Dane County Board of Supervisors28Michele Doolan
Dane County Board of Supervisors30Patrick Downing  
Dane County Board of Supervisors31Jerry Bollig*  
Dane County Board of Supervisors31Todd Kluever*
Dane County Board of Supervisors32MikeBare*
Dane County Board of Supervisors33Ann DeGarmo  
Dane County Board of Supervisors34Patrick Miles  
Dane County Board of Supervisors35Carl T. Chenoweth  
Dane County Board of Supervisors36Melissa Ratcliff  
Dane County Board of Supervisors37Kate McGinnity
Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education 2Savion Castro*
Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education 7Nicki Vander Meulen
Village of Cottage Grove Melissa Ratcliff
Fitchburg City CouncilDistrict 1 Seat 2Joe Maldonado*
Fitchburg City CouncilDistrict 2 Seat 4DanBahr
Fitchburg City CouncilDistrict 2 Seat 4GabrielleGerhardt
Fitchburg City CouncilDistrict 4 Seat 8RandyUdell*
McFarland Trustee Carolyn Clow
McFarland Trustee Justin Rupert* 
Middleton Mayor Kurt Paulson
Middleton City Council 4Emily Kuhn 
Middleton-Cross Plains School BoardArea IVAnnetteAshley
Middleton-Cross Plains School BoardArea IVPaul Kinne
Monona City Council  MollyGrupe*
Monona Grove School BoardAt LargeSusan Fox*
Monona Grove School BoardAt LargeLoreen Gage*
Monona Grove School BoardAt LargeElizabeth Cook 
Oregon Village Board Trustee Jerry Bolling
Oregon Village Board Trustee Amanda Peterson
Stoughton City Council 2Lisa Reeves
Stoughton City Council 4Ben Heili
Stoughton School Board TimothyBubon
Stoughton School Board Steve Jackson
Sun Prairie City Council 1Steve Stocker
Sun Prairie City Council 2BrentEisberner*
Sun Prairie City Council 3Maureen Crombie
Sun Prairie City Council 4David Virgill 
Sun Prairie School Board  Carol Albright 
Verona Mayor  Luke Diaz
Verona City Council 1Chad Kemp
Verona City Council 2Katie Kohl 
Verona City Council 3Kate Cronin*
Verona City Council 4Evan Touchett
Verona School Board  Christina Navarro-Heffner
Waunakee School Board  Joel Lewis*
Columbia County Board 3TomBorgkvist 
Columbia County Board 14Sue Bradley
Columbia County Board 15Mark Sleger
Columbia County Board 20Tim Zander
Columbia County Board 21Henry A.St Maurice 
Columbia County Board 27Nancy M. Long
Columbus School ReferendumReferendumSupport  
Dodge County Board 3Mary JBobholz
Dodge County Board 7RichardBennett
Dodge County Board 14Rob Boelk*
Dodge County Board 24Dennis Schmidt
Dodge County Board 25Bill Hoekstra
Dodge County Board 29Daniel Hilbert
Dodge County Board 31Scott Petrack 
Dodge County Board 32Lisa Derr 
Beaver Dam City Council Ward 6Ken Anderson 
Beaver Dam City Council Ward 14MikeWissel
Mayville Mayor  RobBoelk*
Waupun Mayor  Jay Graff*
Green County Board 11AlexLonien 
Green County Board 14Sue Nelson
Green County Board 15Nick Hartwig
Green County Board 16Lori Stern 
Green County Board 20John Bernstein
Green County Board 24Erica Roth 
Green County Board 30Dawn Marie Sass 
Jefferson County Board 1Richard C. Jones
Jefferson County Board 2Mike Kelly
Jefferson County Board 6Dan Herbst
Jefferson County Board 8Michael Wineke
Jefferson County Board 9Amy Rinard
Jefferson County Board 10Lloyd Zastrow
Jefferson County Board 11Jeff Johns
Jefferson County Board 14Kirk Lund
Jefferson County Board 15Steven J. Nass
Jefferson County Board 16Laura Payne
Jefferson County Board 18Brandon White
Jefferson County Board 19Dave Drayna
Jefferson County Board 26Joan Fitzgerald
Jefferson County Board 27Conor Nelan
Jefferson County Board 29Mary K. Roberts
Jefferson County Board 30Walt Christensen
Cambridge School Board  Courtney Reed Jenkins 
Lake Mills School Board  Melissa Roglitz-Walker*
Palmyra-Eagle School Board  TaraLeroy
Palmyra-Eagle School Board  Zachary Rutkowski
Whitewater School Board  ThayerCoburn 
Lafayette County Board 8KrissMarion
New Holstein City Council District 2 Ward 3Rich Snelson*
Manitowoc County Board1Mark Linsmeier*
Montello School Board  Don Lloyd*
Marquette County Fair Maps ResolutionReferendumSupport 
Sauk County Board2ThomasKriegl
Sauk County Board3Lynn A. Eberl
Sauk County Board4Patricia A. Rego*
Sauk County Board5BobNewport
Sauk County Board6John S.Dietz
Sauk County Board7MarkWaldon
Sauk County Board11Glen T. Johnson
Sauk County Board13KristinWhite Eagle
Sauk County Board14Shane P.Gibson*
Sauk County Board15Peter J.Vedro
Sauk County Board16John A.Miller
Sauk County Board17TimReppen
Sauk County Board18Robert F.Nelson
Sauk County Board21CharlesSpencer
Sauk County Board22Jean E.Berlin
Sauk County Board23KevinLins
Sauk County Board24David A.Riek
Sauk County Board25Sandy MayCook
Sauk County Board27Scott K.Alexander
Sauk County Board28WilliamHambrecht
Sauk County Board29PaulHefty
Sauk County Board31ValerieMcAuliffe
Baraboo School Board  Tim Heilman* 
Baraboo School Board  Paul Kujak*
Baraboo School Board  James O'Neil 
Sauk Prairie School District ReferendumReferendumSupport  
Reedsburg School Board  Gary Woolevar
Reedsburg School Board  NathanJohnson
Neenah School Board ReferendumReferendumSupport  
Outagamie County Board of Supervisors31Dennis Clegg*
Outagamie County Board of Supervisors33Jim Neuens*
Appleton School Board  Kristine Sauter*
Menasha City Council4LindseyKlumpp
Barron County Board4RandalBraun*
Barron County Board27DanHopkins*
Chippewa County Board6DonHauser*
Chippewa County Board12KariIves*
Dunn County Board5GaryStene*
Dunn County Board15DonaldKuether
Dunn County Board22SarahKennedy*
Dunn County Board23JamesTripp*
Eau Claire County Board2SandraMcKinney
Eau Claire County Board3JoeKnight
Eau Claire County Board6BertMoritz
Eau Claire County Board8KevinStelljes
Eau Claire County Board9DonaldMowry*
Eau Claire County Board10NancyCoffey*
Eau Claire County Board14JudyGatlin*
Eau Claire County Board15NickSmiar*
Eau Claire County Board18JamesDunning*
Eau Claire County Board22KatherineSchneider
Eau Claire County Board23RobinLeary*
Eau Claire County Board24HeatherDeLuka*
Eau Claire County Board25MelissaJanssen
Eau Claire County Board27ZoeRoberts
Eau Claire County Board29MissyChristopherson
Polk County Board1MichaelNoreen*
Polk County Board6MikeMiles*
Saint Croix County Board4CathyLeaf
Saint Croix County Board5TimCaruso*
Saint Croix County Board7AndrewHassan*
Saint Croix County Board12DanielHansen*
Altoona School Board TaylorNeff
Colfax School Board GaryStene*
Eau Claire School Board LoriBica
Eau Claire School Board JoshuaClements
Menomonie School Board DanielPaulson*
Menomonie School Board AmyRiddle-Swanson*
River Falls School Board BobCasey
River Falls School Board StacyJohnson Myers
River Falls School Board PatsyWerwie
Colfax Village Board GaryStene*
Eau Claire City Council MaiXiong
Hammond Village Board ChrisBuckel*
Hudson Mayor JoyceHall*
Mondovi Mayor BradyWeiss*
Saint Croix Redistricting ReferendumReferendumSupport 
Chippewa Valley Technical College ReferendumReferendum Support Increased Funding
Baldwin-Woodville School ReferendumReferendum Support Increased Funding
Elk Mound School ReferendumReferendum Support Increased Funding
Luck School ReferendumReferendum Support Increased Funding
Saint Croix Falls School ReferendumReferendum Support Increased Funding
Brown County Board2Tom DeWane*
Brown County Board3Amanda K. Chu
Brown County Board6Kathy Lefebvre
Brown County Board7Tom Friberg
Brown County Board13Matthew Jacobs*
Brown County Board19Cassandra Erickson
Brown County Board21SusanLoberger
Brown County Board24Richard Schadewald
Green Bay Alderperson2TomDeWane*
Green Bay Alderperson3Lynn Gerlach
Green Bay Alderperson6Kathy Lefebvre
Green Bay Alderperson7Randy Scannell
Green Bay School Board  Laura McCoy 
Green Bay School Board  Dawn Smith 
De Pere City Council1Randy Soquet
Marathon County Board2JenniferBizzoto
Marathon County Board3William Harris
Marathon County Board6Jeff Johnson*
Marathon County Board33Tim Buttke
Marathon County Board35William Litzer*
Marathon County Board38Jonathan Fisher
Wausau City Council2Tiffany Rodriguez-Lee
Wausau City Council3Tom Kilian
Wausau City Council5JoelLewis*
Wausau City Council7TracyWheatley
Wausau City Council8Sarah Watson*
Wausau City Council10LouLarson
Wausau School BoardAt-LargeLance Trollop
Wausau School BoardAt-LargeKaLo
Lincoln County Board 6Norbert Ashbeck 
Marinette County Board of Supervisors17Thomas E. Mandli
Marinette County Board of Supervisors28Andrea Rich
Marinette City Council3John Marx
Marinette City Council8Jason Flatt
Juneau County Board10JamesParrett*
La Crosse County Board1AndreaRichmond*
La Crosse County Board2CoeyOliver
La Crosse County Board4MaureenFreedland
La Crosse County Board7SharonHampson*
La Crosse County Board12RandyErickson
La Crosse County Board13TinaTryggestad*
La Crosse County Board15MonicaKruse*
La Crosse County Board16EricWojta*
La Crosse County Board24MichaelWhite
La Crosse County Board25KevinHennessey*
Monroe County Board7MaryVon Ruden*
Mauston City Council4VickiWards*
Sparta City Council3MaryVon Ruden*
Sheboygan County Board of Supervisors 10CurtBrauer*
Sheboygan County Board of Supervisors 20Michael CZimmerman*
Winnebago County Board of Supervisors 17Julie A. Gordon
Oshkosh City CouncilAt LargeLynnseyErickson
Oshkosh City CouncilAt LargeMichaelFord*
Oshkosh City CouncilAt LargeDannyGarcia
Oshkosh School Board Barbara Herzog
Oshkosh School Board BobPoeschl
Portage County Board3MeleesaJohnson
Portage County Board19MelindaOsterberg
Stevens Point Area School Board GeePope*
Stevens Point Area School Board TrishBaker
Stevens Point City Council2DavidShorr