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Spring Primary 2024 Election - Endorsed Candidates

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Tuesday, February 20, is the Wisconsin Spring Primary Election.

View what's on your ballot at

Get involved with our member to member political mobilization program to talk with union members about the importance of voting for pro-union candidates at and check back to this page for more endorsements for Wisconsin's 2024 Spring Election on April 2nd.  


 Spring Primary 2024 Election Labor Endorsements  

*indicates candidate is a union member 

OfficeDistrictEndorsed Candidate 
Appleton City CouncilAldermanic Ward 4MartynSmith
Brown County Board6KathyLeFebvre
Green Bay City Council4JonShelton*
Green Bay City Council6JoeyPrestley*
Green Bay City Council8JimRidderbush*
Green Bay City Council10BenDelie*
Cumberland School DistrictBond (Facilities) Referendum YES
Menomonie Area SchoolsOperational Referendum YES
School District of River FallsOperational Referendum YES
School District of River FallsBond (Facilities) Referendum YES
City of Milwaukee-Mayor CavalierJohnson
City of Milwaukee Attorney EvanGoyke
City of Milwaukee Comptroller BillChristianson
City of Milwaukee Alderman2MarkChambers Jr.
City of Milwaukee Alderman3JonathanBrostoff
City of Milwaukee Alderman4RobertBauman
City of Milwaukee Alderman5LamontWestmoreland
City of Milwaukee Alderman6MileleCoggs
City of Milwaukee Alderman7DiandreJackson*
City of Milwaukee Alderman8JoCastaZamarripa
City of Milwaukee Alderman10SharlenMoore
City of Milwaukee Alderman11PeterBurgelis
City of Milwaukee Alderman12JosePerez
City of Milwaukee Alderman13ScottSpiker
City of Milwaukee Alderman14MarinaDimitrijevic
Milwaukee County Executive DavidCrowley
Milwaukee County Comptroller LizSumner
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor1AnneO'Connor
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor3AlexanderKostal
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor4RonJansen
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor4JackEckblad
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor5SequannaTaylor*
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor6ShawnRolland
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor7FelesiaMartin
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor8SteveShea*
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor9DanelleKenney
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor10MarceliaNicholson
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor11KathleenVincent*
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor12Jaun MiguelMartinez
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor14CarolineGomez Tom
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor16JustinBielinski
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor18BrandonWilliford
Milwaukee County Circuit Court JudgeBranch 18RonnieMurray
Milwaukee County Circuit Court JudgeBranch 23JorgeFragoso
Milwaukee County Circuit Court JudgeBranch 43MarisabelCabrera
City of Oak Creek Mayor DanBukiewicz*
City of Wauwatosa Mayor DennisMcBride
City of Glendale Mayor BryanKennedy*
YES vote on the Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum  YES
Dane County Board1ElizabethDoyle
Dane County Board2HeidiWegleitner*
Dane County Board4MattVeldran
Dane County Board6YogeshChawla
Dane County Board7CecelyCastillo
Dane County Board8JeffreyM. Glazer
Dane County Board9StevenPeters
Dane County Board10AaronCollins
Dane County Board11RichelleAndrae
Dane County Board13JayBrower*
Dane County Board14AnthonyJ. Gray
Dane County Board15AprilKigeya
Dane County Board16RickRose
Dane County Board17DanBlazewicz
Dane County Board18MichelleRitt*
Dane County Board19BrendaYang
Dane County Board21JeffreyKroning*
Dane County Board23ChuckErickson
Dane County Board24SarahSmith
Dane County Board26LisaD. Jackson
Dane County Board27KierstenHuelsemann
Dane County Board28MicheleDoolan
Dane County Board29DonPostler
Dane County Board30PatrickDowning
Dane County Board32ChadKemp
Dane County Board33RandyUdell
Dane County Board34PatrickMiles
Dane County Board35MichaelEngelberger*
Dane County Board37KerryMarren
Columbia County Board6TimHenney
Sauk County Board27ScottAlexander