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2024 Spring Election - Endorsed Candidates

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Wisconsin's 2024 Spring Election will be held on Tuesday, April 2.

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 2024 Spring Election Labor Endorsements  

*indicates candidate is a union member 

State of WisconsinUse of Private Funds in Election Administration Referendum Question 1Vote No
State of WisconsinElection Officials Referendum Question 2Vote No 
Abbotsford School District (Facilities)  Support
Algoma School BoardAt-largeAmy Blazkovec Johnson
Appleton City CouncilAldermanic Ward 4MartynSmith
Ashwaubenon School BoardAt-largeScottKirst*
Baraboo School Board  CarolynBonanno
Barneveld (Operartions)  Yes 
Barron County Board26KeithHardie
Brown County Board6KathyLeFebvre
Brown County Board5GloriaEastman
Brown County Board24RossToellner
Cadott Community School District (Facilities)   Support
Cambridge School Board JesusRivera
Cambridge School Board Jim Womble
Chippewa County Board2PamGuthman
Chippewa County Board13CadenBerg
Chippewa County Board20JamesMeinen
Chippewa County Board21KariIves*
Chippewa County Board District 7 Jason Bergeron
Chippewa Falls Area United School District (Operational)  Support
City of Glendale Mayor  Bryan Kennedy 
City of Horicon1Richard Marschke
City of Mayville Mayor  Robert Boelk*
City of Milwaukee Alderman2Mark Chambers Jr. 
City of Milwaukee Alderman3JonathanBrostoff
City of Milwaukee Alderman4RobertBauman
City of Milwaukee Alderman6MileleCoggs
City of Milwaukee Alderman7Diandre Jackson*
City of Milwaukee Alderman8JoCasta Zamarripa
City of Milwaukee Alderman10Sharlen Moore 
City of Milwaukee Alderman11PeterBurgelis 
City of Milwaukee Alderman12JosePerez
City of Milwaukee Alderman13ScottSpiker
City of Milwaukee Alderman14Marina Dimitrijevic
City of Milwaukee Alderman 5LamontWestmoreland 
City of Milwaukee Attorney  Evan Goyke
City of Milwaukee Comptroller  Bill Christianson
City of Milwaukee-Mayor  Cavalier Johnson
City of Oak Creek Mayor Dan Bukiewicz*
City of Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride
Colfax Village Trustee  Gary Stene*
Columbia County Board 1Troy Ryan
Columbia County Board 6Tim Henney
Columbia County Board 7Rich Bailey 
Columbia County Board 12Steven Balsiger
Columbia County Board 13Brad Cook 
Columbia County Board 14LizMiller
Columbia County Board 16Dilaine Noel 
Columbia County Board 17David Faust
Columbia County Board 21Henry St. Maurice* 
Columbia County Board 22Susan Schweitzer
Columbia County Board 24John Stevenson
Columbia County Board 25Tess Carr 
Columbia County Board 26Tom Dunn 
Columbia County Board 27Jeffrey Leckwee*
Columbia County District Court3Roger Klopp*
Columbus School Board  Adam Pulver
Columbus School Board  Karen Smith 
Crawford County Board3GaryKoch
Cuba City (Operations)  Yes 
Dane County Board1ElizabethDoyle
Dane County Board2HeidiWegleitner*
Dane County Board3Analiese Eicher
Dane County Board4MattVeldran
Dane County Board5Henry Fries
Dane County Board6YogeshChawla
Dane County Board7CecelyCastillo
Dane County Board8JeffreyGlazer
Dane County Board9StevenPeters
Dane County Board10AaronCollins
Dane County Board11RichelleAndrae
Dane County Board12Tommy Rylanuder*
Dane County Board13JayBrower*
Dane County Board14AnthonyJ. Gray
Dane County Board15AprilKigeya
Dane County Board16RickRose
Dane County Board17DanBlazewicz*
Dane County Board18MichelleRitt*
Dane County Board19BrendaYang
Dane County Board20AndreaAndrews
Dane County Board21JeffreyKroning*
Dane County Board22Maureen McCarville 
Dane County Board23ChuckErickson
Dane County Board24SarahSmith
Dane County Board25David Boetcher*
Dane County Board26LisaJackson
Dane County Board27KierstenHuelsemann
Dane County Board28MicheleDoolan
Dane County Board30PatrickDowning
Dane County Board32ChadKemp
Dane County Board33RandyUdell
Dane County Board34PatrickMiles*
Dane County Board35MichaelEngelberger*
Dane County Board36Loreen Gage
Dane County Board37KerryMarren
De Pere School BoardAt-largeMatthewPeterson
Dodge County Board 2Mary Bobholz*
Dodge County Board 5Nancy Kavazajiana
Dodge County Board 12Jody Steger
Dodge County Board 14Robert Boelk*
Dodge County Board 27Marilyn Klobuchar
Dodge County Board 32Lisa Derr 
Dunn County Board2HeatherSeaburn
Dunn County Board11MichelleBachand
Dunn County Board13MonicaBerrier*
Dunn County Board21DianeMorehouse
Dunn County Board25SueSuechting
Dunn County Board District 5 Gary Stene*
Eau Claire City Council1JessicaSchoen
Eau Claire City Council2EmilyAnderson*
Eau Claire City Council3AaronBrewster
Eau Claire City Council4ClaraSerrano
Eau Claire City Council District 5 Andrew Werthmann
Eau Claire County Board3JoeKnight*
Eau Claire County Board10Nancy Coffey*
Eau Claire County Board15Nick Smiar
Eau Claire County Board18JimDunning*
Eau Claire County Board20JasmineCase
Eau Claire County Board23RobinLeary*
Eau Claire County Board24HeatherDeLuka*
Eau Claire County Board28JimSchumacher
Eau Claire County Board29BobSwanson
Eau Claire School Board JoshuaClements
Eau Claire School Board EricaZerr
Edgerton (Operations)  Yes 
Ellsworth Community School District Bond (Facilities) ReferendumSupport
Evansville (Operations)  Yes 
Fennimore (Capital Improvement)  Yes 
Fitchburg City Council District 1 Seat 2JoeMaldonado 
Fitchburg City Council District 2 Seat 4GabrielleGerhardt
Fort Atkinson (Operations)  Yes 
Frederic School District Operational ReferendumSupport
Grand Chute Town Board2TimBantes
Green Bay City Council4JonShelton*
Green Bay City Council6JoeyPrestley*
Green Bay City Council8JimRidderbush*
Green Bay City Council10BenDelie*
Green Bay City Council1BarbaraDorff
Green Bay City Council2JimHutchinson
Green Bay City Council7AlyssaProffitt
Green Bay City Council12Kathy A.Hinkfuss
Green Bay School BoardAt-largeKouLee
Green Bay School BoardAt-largeAndrewBecker
Green County Board 7BrendaCarus*
Green County Board 10Susan Nelson* 
Green County Board 11Dave Tschudy*
Green County Board 13YvetteSmith* 
Green County Board 16Andrea McSherry 
Green County Board 23Sue Knox
Green County Board 24Erica Roth 
Green County Board 25Todd Larson* 
Green County Board 30Dawn Marie Sass
Highland (Operations)  Yes 
Hortonville Village BoardAt-largeJulie ArendtVanden Heuvel
Howard-Suamico School BoardAt-largePoojaBambha-Arora
Hudson School Board BobBaumann
Hudson School Board MollyPowers
Ixonia Town Board  Amy Rinard
Jefferson (Operations)  Yes 
Jefferson County Board 1Richard Jones 
Jefferson County Board 8MikeWineke* 
Jefferson County Board 14Kirk Lund
Jefferson County Board 15Steve Nass
Jefferson County Board 16MegTurville-Heitz
Jefferson County Board 17RussellKutz
Jefferson County Board 18Brandon White
Jefferson County Board 27JoanCallan 
Jefferson County Board 28Anthony Gulig
Jefferson County Board 29Mary Roberts 
Jefferson County Board 30Walt Christianson
Johnson Creek (Operations)  Yes 
Juda (Operations)  Yes 
Juneau County Board District 17Steven Thomas
Kaukauna School BoardAt-largeSally JoFeistel*
Kenosha Alderperson3Jan Michalski
Kenosha Alderperson4Holly Kangas
Kenosha Alderperson8Peni Keeling
Kenosha Alderperson10Anthony Kennedy
Kenosha County Board2StephanieKnezz
Kenosha County Board3JeffGentz
Kenosha County Board6AndresGama
Kenosha County Board8SarahKirby
Kenosha County Board10AndyBerg
Kenosha County Board11GuidaBrown
Kenosha County Board16FrederickBrookhouse
Kenosha County Board17MonicaYuhas
Kenosha County Board18JustineHammelev-Jones
Kenosha County Board20MichaelLa Forge
Kenosha County Circuit Court Branch 3HeatherIverson
Kenosha Mayor  DavidBogdala
Kenosha Unified School Board: Sabrina Landry
Kenosha Unified School Board: Mary Braun Modder
Kenosha Unified School Board: Todd Alan Price
Kenosha Unified School Board:(Write-In)Robin Cullen
La Crosse County Board1KellyLeibold
La Crosse County Board 3David Pierce
La Crosse County Board 4MaureenFreedland
La Crosse County Board6RoxanneMarina
La Crosse County Board 6Grant Mathu 
La Crosse County Board 8PegIsola
La Crosse County Board9DawnWacek
La Crosse County Board 12Randy Erickson
La Crosse County Board 15MonicaKruse*
La Crosse County Board16DanFerries*
La Crosse County Board19RickCornforth
La Crosse County Board20SteveDoyle
La Crosse County Board22JoeKovacevich
La Crosse County Board 24Kristie Tweed*
La Crosse County Board 28LeonardoSilva
La Crosse County Board30DillonMader
Lincoln County Board1William (Bill)Bialecki*
Lincoln County Board2ScottDoerr
Lincoln County Board20DougCurtis*
Lodi School Board  Theresa Valencia*
Lodi School Board  SarahRipp* 
Madison School  Board 1Maia Pearson 
Madison School  Board 2SavionCastro
Manitowoc County Board3RitaMetzger*
Manitowoc County Board8MarkLinsmeier*
Marathon County Board1JohnKroll
Marathon County Board5GaryGisselman
Marathon County Board6JeffJohnson*
Marathon County Board8 - Write InSarahWatson*
Marathon County Board10RandyRadtke*
Marathon County Board15RandyFifrick
Marathon County Board16BillConway
Marathon County Board38JonathanFisher
Marshall (Capital Improvement)  Yes 
McFarland (Operations)  Yes 
Menasha City Council2SandraDaBill-Taylor
Menasha MayoralAt-largeRebecca Nichols
Menasha MayoralAt-largeAustin R. Hammond
Menomonie School Board MichelleDupree
Menomonie School Board EmilyHines
Merrill Common Council1William (Bill)Bialecki*
Middleton Cross Plains School Board  BartlettDurand
Middleton Cross Plains School Board  Katie Frank 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor1AnneO'Connor 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor3Alexander Kostal 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor4RonJansen
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor4Jack Eckblad 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor5Sequanna Taylor* 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor6Shawn Rolland
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor7Felesia Martin
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor 8SteveShea* 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor9Danelle Kenney 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor10MarceliaNicholson
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor 11Kathleen Vincent* 
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor12Jaun Miguel Martinez
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor 14Caroline Gomez Tom
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor16JustinBielinski
Milwaukee County Board Supervisor18BrandonWilliford
Milwaukee County Circuit Court JudgeBranch 18Ronnie Murray 
Milwaukee County Circuit Court JudgeBranch 43Marisabel Cabrera 
Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 23JorgeFragoso
Milwaukee County Comptroller Liz Sumner
Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley
Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum Yes 
Mondovi Mayor BradyWeiss*
Monona Grove School Board  Eric Hartz
Monona Grove School Board  Janice Stone
Monona Grove School Board  PhilipHaven 
Mount Horeb School Board  Thomas Schlimgen
Neenah City Council1KristenSandvick
Neenah School Board  Alex Corrigan
Neenah School Board  Susan Garcia Franz
New Glarus Town Board Mark Pernitz
New Glarus Town Board RobElkins
New Glarus Town Board Gof Thomson
New Richmond School District Bond (Facilities) ReferendumSupport
Oshkosh City CouncilAt-largeDavid "DJ"Nichols
Oshkosh City CouncilAt-largeKrisLarson
Oshkosh School BoardAt-largeKristopherKarns
Oshkosh School BoardAt-largeBeth Wyman
Outagamie County Board19JaymeHeiser
Outagamie County Board20Joseph Santonato
Outagamie County Board24SteveThiede
Pierce County Board6MichaelKahlow
Pierce County Board11NeilGulbranson
Pierce County Board16BarryBarringer
Platteville (Operations)  Yes 
Polk County Board4RyanWood
Portage County Board1VincentMiresse
Portage County Board3JanellWehr
Portage County Board6ShaunPrzybylski
Portage County Board8JoanHonl
Portage County Board9AndrewRockman
Portage County Board10BobGifford*
Portage County Board15NancyEggleston
Portage County Board16JohnBertelson
Portage County Board19AmberleSchwartz
Portage County Board25RayReser*
Potosi (Operations)  Yes 
Prescott School District Operational ReferendumSupport
Randolph School Board  Barbara Braker
River Falls School Board DavidHirstein
River Falls School Board AlanTuchtenhagen
River Falls School Board  Monica LaVold
River Valley (Captial Improvement)  Yes 
Saint Croix County Board4CathyLeaf
Sauk County Board 2Thomas Kriegl
Sauk County Board 4Pat Rego* 
Sauk County Board 7  
Sauk County Board 9Mark Waldorf
Sauk County Board 11Nathan Johnson
Sauk County Board 18Sam Pocernich* 
Sauk County Board 22Jean Berlin 
Sauk County Board 23Vicki Terpstra
Sauk County Board 24GaileBurchill
Sauk County Board 30ChandlerHorak
Sauk County Board 31ValerieMcAuliffe
Sauk Prairie School Board  Jim Isaacson
Sauk Prairie School Board  John Hutchins
Sauk Prairie School Board  Rich Judge
School District of Mauston Operational ReferendumSupport
Sheboygan City Council4RobertLa Fave*
Sheboygan County Board15 - Write InTedGumieny*
Southwestern WI (Operations)  Yes 
Sparta Area School District Operational ReferendumSupport
Sparta School Board ColinBurns-Gilbert
Stevens Point Area Public School DistrictOperational ReferendumSupport
Stevens Point City Council2JacquiGuthrie
Stevens Point City Council6DaleSteinmetz
Stevens Point School Board WillScheder
Stoughton (Operations)  Yes 
Stoughton City Council 2Phil Caravello
Stoughton City Council 3Regina Hirsch
Stoughton City Council 4Ben Heili
Sun Prairie School Board  BrynHorton 
Sun Prairie School Board  Teran Peterson 
Superior School Board LauraGapske*
Superior School Board SaraSchubert-McKone
Thorp School District Operational ReferendumSupport
Town of Center BoardAt-largeRick "Dutch"Vanden Heuvel*
Vernon County Board5BruceKilmer
Waunakee School Board Mark Hetzel* 
Waupun School Board  Stephen Chene
Wausau City Council1CarolLukens*
Wausau City Council1CatherineKronenwetter
Wausau City Council3TerryKilian
Wausau City Council4TomNeal
Wausau City Council5GaryGisselman
Wausau City Council6RebeccaMcElhaney
Wausau City Council8SarahWatson*
Wausau MayorAt-largeKatie Rosenberg
Wausau School BoardAt-largeJane A.Rusch
Wausau School BoardAt-largeSarah MarieBrock
Wausau School BoardAt-largeFrederickTealey
Winnebago Co Board2Kristl Laux
Winnebago Co Board5StefanieHolt
Winnebago Co Board7KateHancock-Cooke
Winnebago Co Board10TimothyJacobson*
Winnebago Co Board11Jeffrey H.Schettl*
Winnebago Co Board16Robert (Bob)Knudsen
Winnebago Co Board19Larry Lautenschlager*
Winnebago Co Board21JeffLawrence
Winnebago Co Board24AndyBuck*
Winnebago Co Board25Karen D.Powers
Winnebago Co Board32Robert T.Keller
Winnebago County Circuit Court JudgeBranch ILaKeishaHaase
Wisconisn Heights (Operations)  Yes