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AFL-CIO president: ‘Workers Are United to Defeat Kavanaugh’

Mark Gruenberg
23 Jul, 2018
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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the nation’s labor movement has come to a conclusion about President Donald Trump’s latest U.S. Supreme Court nominee: “Workers are united to defeat Kavanaugh,” he declares.

His statement was part of a much longer July 12 speech behind closed doors to Democratic U.S. House candidates. While Trumka did not cite specific cases and rulings, the federation previously compiled a string of anti-worker decisions and statements by federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh in his dozen years on the bench.

But almost simultaneously, the federation, along with the Steelworkers, AFSCME, both big teachers’ unions, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the Asian-Pacific American Labor Alliance, Workmen’s Circle, the Service Employees, the NAACP, NOW, Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other organizations, signed a letter to senators outlining their specific objections to Kavanaugh on the court.

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