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Labor Voices: Your Vote Is Your Voice

Gary Jones
24 Oct, 2018
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For the people of Flint, justice may come from a courtroom, but change comes at the ballot box.

November 6 is Election Day.

In 2010 and 2014, as families in Flint went to the voting booth, little did they know that their decisions would impact something as fundamental as the water they drink. However, policies put in place by the state and local officials elected on those days put saving money ahead of the health and water quality of Flint residents.

In the past four years, Michiganders have experienced, firsthand, just how important who runs your government can be. Walter Reuther was famous for connecting the ballot box to the bread box -- and it is just as true today as it was then.

In Detroit, children face a water crisis in their public schools. Drivers in Michigan have gotten to know tire stores and tow trucks far too well because of the terrible condition of our roads. An attempt to save money on unemployment programs by automating activity resulted in thousands of Michiganders being erroneously charged with unemployment fraud and facing budget crushing repayments -- only to find the computer was in error and in fact, they were entitled to those benefits long after suffering through credit issues and financial crisis.

Government matters.

Voting matters.

Who you vote for matters.

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